Stuff Moms Like

If you haven't noticed, I added a couple of new links to my "Blogs I Love" section. One of them is entitled "Stuff Christians Like". If you have never read it, I highly recommend that you do. You will not be sorry. :) This guy writes HILARIOUS little segments on things that you find Christians doing commonly. He seems to be a solid believer himself and, therefore, it's all in good fun. I promise that, if you are a Christian, you will read some and find yourself saying "guilty" through the tears of laughter that will be rolling down your face.

Anyway, his blog is a spinoff of the NY Times column "Stuff White People Like", (which, incidentally, I don't find as humorous). But, all of things "Stuff" blogs had me thinking....

The other night, as I sat watching people movin and groovin at a 40th anniversary party, I was reflecting on the mom dance. That's right. You know you've seen it. Maybe it's your own mother, maybe it's a family friend, maybe it's just some lady...but she's out there...she's doing the step-touch and snapping away, while her kids sit mortified in the back of the room. This stirred in me, an idea. How about a blog entitled "Stuff Moms Like"? Don't you think I could write one and come up with thousands of amazingly hilarious posts?? Tell me what you think/ideas of what you would write about. You never know, maybe I'll get a book deal. ;)