Sleep Eating

This is probably one of my favorite Roman videos ever...falling asleep while eating french fries at an Applebee's. :)

Much to my dismay, I have had trouble uploading the Elmo video...because it's really long. I got a shorter one uploaded to Facebook, so you can check there, and I'll keep trying to get one up here.

For now, enjoy the sleep eating!


  1. This may be America's Funniest Home Videos material!!!

  2. so cute! poor little guy! just loves his fries too much to quit!

  3. Umm.... HILARIOUS!!!!! I love it!

    With the Elmo video: I'll help you cut it into chunks so you can upload it to your blog. Or maybe I'll make you a lil' video of the highlights. :) -Mary

  4. Oh, sleepy Roman!! He looks like Dad during a long homily at Mass! :)