It's Update Time

I think it's about that time again.  Time for me to tell you about the ridiculous, hilarious, sweet, memorable moments that have happened recently in the Pometto house.  And maybe I'll tell you about some of the moments that made me want to run screaming into the woods, never to return.  We'll see.

Mr. Roman:
  • Lost is front two top teeth this spring.  He looked so cute toothless and I tried to savor the days of no front teeth because his adult teeth are coming in now.  :(  ADULT teeth.  Do we have to call them that?  Let's think of different word, one that doesn't give me premature empty nest syndrome.
  • Likes to listen to Adele.  Can't blame him.  His favorite is one you may have heard before "Boomah has it".  Ha!
  • Roman describes his Dad as "crazy, but nice". 
  • Says the most grown up things sometimes such as "Kim I'd like to introduce you to my new friend, Walker" - Walker was a boy he met at the park two minutes before he said that sentence.  What a social buterfly!  Other grown up things he has recently said:
    • "I'm sorry, what was your name again?"
    • When I try to get him to leave church he says "I need to talk to a couple more friends"
  • The other day we were driving somewhere in the van and everyone was silent.  No, really, no one was talking, it was very strange.  So, all of the sudden Roman says "I have so many things I want to ask Grandpa David".  I smiled.  "Like what buddy?"  He answered "I just want to tell him how much I miss him".  I almost had to pull over because oh, my heart.

Judah boy:
  • Recently told me he wants to be an owl when he grows up
  • He is still so, very unpredictable and we are always trying to figure him out:  figure out what motivates him, figure out how to parent him, figure out how to help him communicate, figure out how to take the agression down a notch, figure out how to help him find things that he likes to do.
  • Had to have his arm in a sling for a few days because he fell off the monkey bars and bruised the bone in his elbow.  He is now fully recovered and back on the monkey bars. 
  • When I say "my sweet Judah" he responds:  "My sweet mama".  Heart.melting.
  • We had a blues clues birthday for Judah.  This was completely Joe's (brilliant) idea.  Judah boy loves Blue's Clues and so Joe made clue cards with the paw print clues on the front - the three clues were:  candles, presents, and the number 4.  He was very excited and, after sitting in his "thinking chair", he figured it out:  we were about to have a birthday party!  I love to see the sheer delight on his face when he's excited.  So fun.
  • He loves to be doing manual labor.  He does really well if you give him a "job"...recent jobs we have given him:  carrying dresser drawers from one room to the other while rearranging, carrying tree branches to the fire pit when we were trimming the trees.  I keep trying to think of more jobs that burn energy.  Ideas welcome.
  • The boys are kind of into potty talk right now.  So there's that.  Judah doesn't really get it most of the time, though, which makes for some hilariousness.  Roman and his friends started in on some "pirate" potty talk the other day after church.  (I don't know...your guess is as good as mine) They were taking turns saying sentences like "pirates who wear diapers!"  followed by erruptions of laughter.  So, Judah started saying sentences with "pirates who..." and expecting laughter afterwards.  Joe and I actually do laugh pretty hard at them because, what??  My favorite "Pirates who bite their dolphins". 

Silas baby:
  • started saying "I love you" spontaneously, which is always so much fun
  • talks to you like you talk to him, for example, he says "Hi, sweet pea!" and "Can I hold ya?"
  • Joe travels to Wisconsin Rapids fairly often for work.  Silas thinks that "Wisconsin Rapids" is "Wanna go see rabbits".
  • Me:  What does a horse say?"  S:  "Yee Haw!"
  • If he can't open something he says "it's too heavy"
  • We have been at the zoo a couple of times this spring.  One day, leaving the zoo, Joe asked Roman what his favorite animal was.  A few minutes later Silas asks "What's your favorite animal dad?"  Joe answers and then Joe says "What was your favorite animal, Si?"  Silas said "I saw the moose!"  And then we laughed and laughed because there is definitely no moose at our zoo.  Also, when you ask him about the zoo he will say "I played with the lions!  I played with the monkeys!"
  • Tries to say "granola bar"...it comes out "gween-a-willa-baller". 
  • Saw a Thor action figure and said "that's a mean Jesus"  HA!!
  • tries to say "pistachio" comes out "mestashew"
  • Joe is very protective of Silas.  Silas is the sweetest kid ever and so it's hard not to be.  At the park one day some kid pushed Silas and Silas cried.  We actually had to LEAVE the park because JOE was so mad. 
is finally getting past the puppy chewing stage, which is a huge relief.  He continues to be great with the boys but also continues to not realize how big he is sometimes...so occasionally Silas gets knocked over in the excitement.  :(
We have a lot of nicknames for Char:
Char Char
Char Char Binks

I also just have to say that we love Wisconsin.  We love this community.  It's amazing to see the way God has moved in this place in the past year.  There has been plenty of sorrow, but the way this community continues to lift high the name of Christ, continues to share the Gospel, continues to serve is so beautiful.

I am happy to say that we have made so many great friends here.  You guys, I have found my people.  The ones who, at the park, watch your child drench himself in the water fountain, take off all of his clothes and run laughing to the climbing wall....and these friends...they laugh and say "at least he left his underwear on". 

God bless them.