Quote of the Day

I heard this on the Christian radio station the other day:

"I want to be faithful in everything, even if no one sees but Him".

I can't stop thinking about it. I think this is so applicable to everyone (especially myself as a stay at home mom), but we all have the opportunity to slack off in some way during our day. Whether it's not putting in 100% effort at work (which I was CONSTANTLY guilty of when I worked in an office!), not taking the time to stop and talk to someone who needs a little help, or choosing to let Roman play by himself most of the day while I go about my "important" tasks around the home.

The point is, I tend to be so focused on what's convenient for me...on what I want to do today...on what "needs" to get done, that sometimes I lose sight of what really needs to be a priority. Spending time with God. Playing with my son. Making our home a haven for my husband.

Sometimes we feel like not putting forth the energy to do things because "no one will notice". Your boss probably isn't going to see how many times a day you check your e-mail (and once again, I have no room to talk about that!), Joe probably won't notice if I sweep the floor or not, and Roman certainly isn't going to "tell on me" if I don't drop everything and read to him. But I will know...and more importantly... God knows.

Colossians 3:23
Whatever you do, work at it wholeheartedly
as though you were doing it for the Lord
and not merely for people

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