Girly stuff

Have I mentioned that pregnancy is weird?

Because it totally is.

Weird. Weird.  Weird.

The latest:
I am still craving beef.  Any kind, as I mentioned, but lately I feel like I could eat Sloppy Joes all day.  I mean, I have always been a fan but most of the (not pregnant) time I kind of forget about them.  No more.  I have to try really hard not to make beef for every meal.

I could drink gallons of milk a day.  I cannot get enough.  Also, it helps soothe the heartburn monster that likes to visit at bedtime.

Oreos.  I had this with Judah also (or was it Silas?).  I have loved Oreos since I was a kid (double-stuf.  they MUST be double stuf).  But when I am not pregnant, I only occasionally succumb to their magical pull at the grocery store.  It's a rare treat I allow myself.  But something about carrying a child in my womb makes me weak in the knees for those bad boys.  The problem with me and Oreos is that if I'm not paying attention pretty soon I have eaten 7 of them.  For the record, I only ate three tonight because SELF-CONTROL. 


Roman has felt baby sister move a couple of times now, which is super fun.  He lights up when he feels a kick.  Judah and Silas are still not patient enough to wait for her to move, but I imagine it will get easier the bigger she gets.

Also, can we please talk about how obnoxious I am with girl clothes?  It's actually so ridiculous.  But look at the cute!


I tried to upload a video of Silas talking about the baby but it didn't work.  Boo.  I'll try again soon.

Also, Lindsay asked me to write a post about how we told the boys they were going to have a sister.  The answer is that we are boring and we just...told them.  We got home from the ultrasound and sat them all down and said "We are going to have a baby girl!"  So, not a super exciting story, but Joe did get a video of their reactions so I'll have to get that off of his phone one of these days and show it to you.  There's probably a naked boy in it or some other inappropriateness, as usual.  :)

But, even though we didn't tell them in an exciting way, they were still very excited. 

More soon!

And Happy Divine Mercy Sunday!



Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

This, my friends, is Baby GIRL Pometto.  

Look how cute she is sucking her thumb.  :)
To my sweet girl,
There is basically no way to prepare you for the life you are about to live.  There is no prepping you for the madness that is your brothers.  I am guessing that you are so chill in utero because you're just trying to figure out what.the.heck. is going on out here.  I'm still trying to figure it out, too. 
There is no way to explain why, yesterday, Judah opened the front door, dropped his pants, and peed all over the front porch. 
There is no way I can prepare you for Roman telling you ev-ree-thii-iing there is to know about Narnia.
I can't really make you ready for the fact that Silas would like to "give the baby a scratch". 
(What?? I don't know - maybe a back scratch since he's not at all the malicious type?  I promise we're working on the fact that babies like nice touches and kisses...and they do not like scratches.)
But, I can tell you this.
Your mama (who LOVES being a mom of boys!) cried tears of joy for HOURS after finding out you were a girl. 
Your daddy is always thinking of beautiful name ideas for you.  And, don't tell him I told you, but I think he's enjoying picking out baby girl clothes *almost* as much as I am.
I can tell you that Roman can't wait to read to you.  And Judah can't wait to hold you.  And Silas comes and kisses and hugs my belly at least 10 times a day.
They always want to talk about what your name will be and what you will look like and what they will do with you.
I can tell you that you have some crazy brothers who are crazy about YOU.
We can't wait to meet you, love!