Can't Resist.

So, I know that this is my blog and all. And it might not technically count as my post if I constantly link to someone else's blog...

But seriously, I can't resist.


Check out "More Congagious than the Swine Flu".



My Favorites

Roman quote of the day (after getting soap in his eye in the bath):

"That was very hurting."

And last night's quote (after catching a ball):

"That was very perf-tec!!" (if you're good at deciphering code that means "perfect"). :)

Judah laughs really hard when you "baa" at him. I won't tell you how I know this...


Oh, Ro...

Today while we were on a walk, Roman was enjoying the view from the stroller. We passed some lovely homes, some beautiful flowers...you know...the typical sights of the neighborhood.

As we passed a couple of mailboxes, he said "I should probably get the mail".

Not sure that the neighbors would have appreciated him getting their mail. :)