A few things:
1.  We got a new furnace a few weeks ago.  After the new furnace was installed, the company had to come back THREE times to fix it.  The BRAND NEW furnace.  What the heck?  We were really frustrated with the company and asked for them to extend our warranty or install another new furnace.  They gladly extended our warranty and were very apologetic.  Turns out there was something blocking the vent that goes outside. 

Any guesses on what that "something" was?  Well, I'll tell you.  It was TWENTY rocks.  Thank you, Roman, Judah, and Silas. 

2.  Baby girl still has no name.  Let me give you the run down:

Joe wants to name her Nora.  End of story.  He brings nothing else to the table.  I think that Nora is a beautiful name.  I love the way it sounds, and I think Nora Pometto has a nice ring to it.  I even like the way it sounds with the boys' names.  I am just really into the unique Biblical theme we have going and I am struggling to want to stray from that.

The only name we both love without reservation is Magdalene.  We just don't want her to be called Maggie.  And I'm afraid that it will happen inevitably.  We like Lena as a nickname (thanks, Lindsay!) if we could get that to stick.  We are just not confident that it will.

Names that I like that Joe has vetoed:
Selah, Talitha, and Lydia.

Good names, right?!  Next time you see him, tell him how awesome my name ideas are.  ;)

Oh, we have also talked about Eve.  Love the name Eve.  Just not sure it flows well with Pometto.  And also, everytime I say "I like Eve", Judah says "I like Steve". 


3.  We love summer.  I think the boys are going to spend the majority of it riding their bikes.  They cannot get enough.  Last summer, for Judah, it was the monkey bar obsession.  This summer, the first thing he does every morning is ride about 20 laps around our backyard on his bike.

 Also, as you can probably tell from my facebook pictures, Judah is obsessed with costumes.  He usually wears one until it's too dirty and/or smelly for me to allow it anymore, and then he switches to  a new one. 

4.  Roman is almost done with first grade!  He has two weeks of math left but has been done with all of his other subjects for the last couple of weeks. 

5.  Joe and I have been discussing a couple of ministry opportunities that we are really excited about.  Would you pray for us?  That we would be used by the Lord in the way that he has planned, and that we would have clear direction moving forward?  Thanks, friends!

I am sure there is more but I have very little brain capacity left at the end of the day.  I can't stop thinking about pink and hairbows and newborn baby smell.  :)  Less than three months to go!


Pants on Fire

Dear Silas,
You are kind of a liar right now.  I mean, it's still pretty innocent, but it's getting more and more ridiculous by the minute.  It started with funny things that didn't matter.  For example, you fell down two stairs a while back and got a small bruise on your back.  Except that you told Kim you fell down the stairs and broke your ears. 

And you're very earnest about it so it makes people confused.

Recently, it has been more mischievous.  Like yesterday when Roman told me that you hit him.  I asked you about it and you said "I was just giving him a back rub". 

Nice effort.

Or how about today at a friend's house when you wanted aNOTHER cookie.  (you kept sneaking them while we weren't looking.  I saw you steal at least 5.)  So, when I saw you come back with number 6, I objected (again) but Mrs. Carrano said "Oh, I'm sorry.  I gave him one because he told me you said it was okay."

Very sly. 

I've got my eye on you, kid.