Blogger of the Year

I probably win Blogger of the year.  For writing on my blog approximately four times a year.  I'm sure that no one is even reading by now, but just in case...

I don't even know what we have been up to other than hibernating for the winter.  Our weeks seem to fill up and yet I sometimes feel like I never see the outside world. 

OH!  Now I remember.  I have been growing a baby. 

YEP!  Baby #4 is due August 13 and we are all so excited!

So, my reasons for not blogging:  1.  LAZY.  2.  Preggers.  It's a tiring gig.

My little love is kicking me as I type, but it's the nice kind of kicking.  I wasn't feeling much movement until the last few days, actually, which is different than my other pregnancies.  I started feeling Roman and Silas pretty regularly at about 16 weeks (And Judah at 14.  shocking, I know.)  But I am almost 18 weeks with this little one.  Another difference this time: 
I have pregnancy congestion.  So that's fun.  But so not a big deal.  Suck it up, Ruth Ann.

Other random baby #4 tidbits:
I can't drink coffee.   The idea of it is so unappealing to me.  Weird.
I crave beef a lot.  Steak, burgers, whatever you've got.
I was on a SONIC strawberry limeade kick for a while.  But I think the baby got tired of it after downing a large everyday for about two weeks. 
Scrambled eggs are a no go.  Hard boiled or over hard, please.
Pregnancy is weird. 

Our boys are pretty excited about another sibling.  We talk about the baby a lot and it's so much fun that they all are at ages where they really understand.  Name suggestions:  R - Katelyn or Peter (As in High King Peter of Narnia.  Duh.)  J - nada.  no suggestions.  But his guess is boy.  S- chipmunk.  I'm sure the baby will appreciate that one.

Speaking of those boys, here are some of the latest funnies:

  • R:  "Why does dad like it cold? (in our house)  He's weird.  He's a weird guy". 
          Me:  "Yeah, but he's pretty awesome, right?"
          R:  "Yeah.  I think he's the best guy in the world."
  • "Every time I sleep, my eyes itch.  I'm allergic to sleep."
  • Before I was pregnant, one day Roman said to me "We should have a baby girl.  Do you want to?"  I said "I do."  Roman said "Let's ask God to give us one".  (although, now his prediction is boy). 
  • He has been so sweet and compassionate during this pregnancy.  It's the first time I've been pregnant that he really understands that pregnancy is very tiring and sometimes makes me not feel good.  The way he talks about it just makes me laugh though.  For example:
             "How's that baby doin, mom?"
             "Have a good rest with your baby!"
             "Did an angel come to tell you that you were going to have a baby?"
  • The other day we were doing a puzzle and he looked up at me and said "Mom, will you marry me?"  It was so sweet.  He has said he wants to marry me before but never asked me point blank.  It was a moment.
  • He is suuuuper into Narnia.  We read The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe recently, which he loved.  We have also let him watch the movie a few times now, so basically all we hear about is Peter and Aslan and defeating the white witch.  I love that he is really using his imagination, that he likes pretending and good guy/bad guy play.  He wants to he a hero and takes his sword and shield with him everywhere.  This does get a little tricky though because he has big questions about who are good guys and who are bad guys?   Can kids be bad guys?  Can a grown up be good and then turn into a bad guy?  Who are bad guys in real life?  And so then we get into deep discussions about sin, Original sin, choosing to sin or choosing to love, making a good choice even after you've made bad choices, etc, etc, etc.  I want to answer these questions well.  But sometimes I have to say, "Can we talk about Narnia more after dinner?'

  • I painted our hall bathroom (a long time ago!) one night after the kids went to bed.  When Judah got up the next morning he said "Did you make this bathroom for ME?  Thank you!!"
  • He calls baby chicks "cheekers".  NO idea how that came about.
  • One day I made cornbread.  I left it on the counter to cool and Charlie ate it.  Judah overheard me scolding Charlie so he came in and said "Charlie, what did you did?  Did you eat Mom's bread?  Say sorry." 
  • Sometimes he says things that just plain have no context and are a complete mystery to me.  I have no idea how to respond.  For example:
           "Next time can I go in the helicopter?"
           "Is Rapunzel going to be there?"
  • He also likes to reprimand his brothers for things that he is 200 % more guilty of than they are.  Such as "Roman, that's too loud" and "Take it down a notch, Silas". 
  • He is so wild and yet so sweet (he has always had a personality that is an amazing combination of both).   A couple of weeks ago during church, he leaned over and whispered to me "Mom, you're dressed cool.  You're wonderful." 
  • Lost two teeth.  At age 4.5.  STOP with the growing up, children!

  • When I compliment him on doing something well, he will say "You're so nice, Mom!"
  • When he does something he's not supposed to do (i.e. dump a whole box of diapers on the floor or run around the house stark naked) he will say "But it was so funny".
  • calls cupcakes "pupcakes"
  • calls Judah "Juah".
  • Has been potty trained since November?  Or December?  I don't know.  Before he was three.  So that's a first in our family.  Dare I say that potty training him was easy?  It was really only a few days of no pants and then he was good to go.  Although, I will say, we are still doing pull-ups for a lot of outings because, let's face it, that's so much easier than dealing with pee pants in public.
  • Calls puppy chow "puppy chex mix"
  • I took the boys with me to my last doctor's appointment to hear baby's heartbeat.  On the way there, we were discussing the kind of behavior we should have in the doctor's office and how to use our good manners.  I was reminding them to introduce themselves to the dr. and tell her "nice to meet you".  I said, "Do you guys remember my doctor's name?"  Silas said "Dr. Nefario."  (that would be the evil scientist in the movie Despicable Me.)  Soooooo.  Glad we got that cleared up before we arrived.