I couldn't resist.

So the boys and I went to help my mom decorate her Christmas tree today.  As we were reminiscing about all the ornaments, my mom reminded me that she used to have an adorable, white, porcelin lamb ornament.  I remembered exactly which one she meant becuse it was her favorite and I always really like it - so cute.
She told me that it must have got taken out with a tree at one point because she hadn't been able to find it the last couple of years.  Sad story.

So, when we came home, I started looking online. Wouldn't I be the best daughter for giving such a thoughtful Christmas gift?  I was thinking "I'm probably not going to find an exact replica, but surely I can find something similar or at least equally lovable.

Oh no.  No, I cannot.

Here's what I did find though.


what the what?
is it a hippo?  It can't be a lamb.
did a 4 year old make this?  If so, good job, sweetpea.
but given that you're not my 4 year old, I'm not about to pay $21 for that.

dollar store?  You would think so.  But, no.  $20.  And  not.cute.

this is closer to what I'm looking for...except, again, NOT cute.

What.  Is.  Going.  On?

I'm scared.

 Now, granted, not all of them are so ridiculous but I can't seem to find one that's the right look.  There were some pretty cute lion and lamb ornaments, and some beautiful crystal sheep, but they were $70, so that's out.

So, not sure this gift idea is going to pan out. 

Let me know if you come across any cute lambs.