Fish Flush

The Pometto fish meet their maker...

As many of you know, Joe, Mary, Tony, and I have all been working hard on Tony and Suellen's house...cleaning it and getting it ready to be put on the market. We are praying that it sells quickly so they can buy a new house in South Carolina!!

Anyway, this video captures one of the days... that turned into an evening... that turned into an all night cleaning affair. I will say that we have all had some excellent bonding time over the house.

The fish really did need to go...(this is still a delicate topic for Tony, as he is still in mourning over his floating finned friends) and we made the best of it...Mary has so generously used her amazing video editing skills to create this lovely tribute to the Pometto family fish.


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  1. poor poor fishies.... I'm a horrible pet owner. Don't even ask how long I used to go between fish bowl cleanings....