Theology on Tap

Last night our girls' Bible study took a break from our regular routine, and attended Theology on Tap. It is a young adult ministry (post high school up to age 40) that meets at a local restaurant for dinner, drinks, and fellowship. Last night Bishop Pates, the new Bishop of the Des Moines diocese, was the speaker. It was really great to hear his thoughts on what we can do to expand young adult ministry in Iowa!

I think Theology on Tap is a fantastic program! It's a really laid back, casual environment where you can get to know a lot of really amazing fellow believers! I am excited to go back soon! We should start a TOT program in Ames....anyone feeling ambitious?? :)

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  1. That's cool you've got TOT started in Des Moines. What restaurant did you all go to? We have an Irish pub in Alexandria out here and the owner is quite the character. But it is a great program... Glad it's making its way to Iowa. :)