As the mother of BOYS.

As the mother of BOYS, I am realizing the following things:
1.  I will be cleaning pee off the toilet seat for the rest of my life.
2.  I will be listening to belching followed by laughter, probably for the rest of my life.
3.  I will have to say "hands out of your pants" at least 37 times daily...for the rest of...well hopefully not my life - hopefully I get to stop saying this one before they leave the house.
4.  I will be breaking up physical fights and then be baffled that the two fighters are BFF again after only 5 minutes.
5.  I will be feeding hungry mouths constantly.  And when I'm not, I will be hiding said food until the next feeding, so that I can ensure even distribution.
6.  I will be picking up pieces of broken things and saying "what happened here?" 
7.  I will be wiping noses and bottoms forever. 
8.  I will be saying "I guess you probably need ANOTHER bath now".
9.  I will be asking any combination of the following questions during the course of any given day:
"Why are you sitting in the sink?
Where is your brother?
Why did you take that?
Who hurt Silas?
Why is Judah crying?
Why haven't you picked up your shoes yet?
Is that poop?
Why is Roman outside?
Where is your underwear?
Have you washed your hands?
When are you going to learn to wipe yourself?
Who dumped out the dog's water?
How did you get THAT stuck in THERE?
Why are you naked?
Who got out the paints?
Why is the hallway covered in Q tips?
Who was using scissors? 
Did you ask Dad about that?
Did you hear what I just asked you to do?
Why are you so gross?"

The list goes on but that's all for tonight.  Just something I have been pondering.