Tickle Me Elmo...or Don't.

Joe's amazing Uncle Dan and Aunt Tonya have been so generous to us since we found out we were pregnant with Roman. They have sent us diapers, toys, a stroller, clothes, books, and the list goes on and on. I mean, they always just really outdo themselves. We are so grateful for all they have done to help us out - especially while Joe was still finishing school.

SO, that being said, it was months ago when we received the coveted Tickle Me Elmo doll in the mail. I decided that, since Roman was so small at the time, we would wait until a "rainy day" to bring it out. Well, Monday was the day. We really didn't have any plans. We weren't going to be going anywhere, and it was, in fact, raining. So, no afternoon walk, either.

Roman woke up from his nap about 3:00 and I decided that while he was finishing his snack I would unpack the toy from the box and wrapping. He watched me as I cut and pulled and set his new little friend free. I took Roman out of his high chair, and set him on the floor with the "happy" little monster. This was going to be fun, I thought. He will obviously find it hilarious. He loves his book about Elmo...surely, he will love the toy.

I press the button, Elmo starts laughing...I mean, laughing hysterically...he even bends over and slaps his knee, he's so cracked up. Meanwhile, Roman is shreiking in terror and running to clutch onto my pant legs. That's right. He hates it.

Well, he was tired...just woke up, so I thought, maybe when Joe gets home it won't be so scary. No luck there. After dinner Joe brought Elmo back out - laughing along with him thinking that would make Roman feel more secure...only to find that it scared him even more.

Joe and I put Roman to bed, watched a movie, and then were talking about the events of the day before we went to sleep. We decided that maybe if we put Elmo in the living room with the rest of Roman's toys and didn't make such a spectacle of him, he would feel more comfortable.

Wrong again.

Yesterday morning, Elmo was chillin with Murphy (Roman's favorite stuffed dog) in the living room, when Roman woke up. He entered the room, and immediately freaked out again. I mean freaked out. The whole rest of the morning was spent trying to console Roman as he wouldn't even let me put him down. He kept saying "sad!" "I sad". :( He cried because he was scared...I cried because I felt so bad, and we cuddled and read books for the rest of the morning. Elmo is now securly hidden in the coat closet...I am sure in a year it will probably be his favorite toy...I am also sure I will not have the courage to bring it out again any sooner than that. Even today there were a couple of times when he said "sad" and wanted to be held! The poor child! Hopefully we haven't ruined him for Sesame Street for life.


  1. i'd like to see what happens next time elmo comes on tv and laughs...poor roman!

  2. Aw!! Poor Roman!! Poor Elmo!! This is pretty funny... Mary told me about it on the phone today, so glad I can read the whole story. :)