Movin on Up

If this blog isn't completely random all the time, I really don't know what it.  I post 5 times a month and then I go months without posting and then I post once every six weeks for a while and then I go back to 5 posts a month.  At least I hope to get back to that number someday. 

We have a lot going on right now (as I have previously and mysteriously elluded to...) so I just wanted to make sure you all heard the news that we are moving to Wisconsin in April!


I am still trying to take it all in.

                        (this was, by far, the funniest image that came up in my google search)

Our house in on the market; we are going to have to find somewhere to live in Wisconsin by the first weekend of March; and, other than that, we're really just trying to get through each day.  Don't get me wrong, we are super excited, but it's overwhelming to sell a house and move away from family and friends and figure out what your life will look like in another state....and try to be a good wife and a good mom to 3 little boys. 

But, seriously, so excited.

Joe was offered a promotion, and this is a great oppotunity for our family.  It also happens to be a really cool area of Wisconsin, so extra awesome.

Anyway, I feel like I have million other things that I wanted to say, but now they kind of all escape me.  Everyday, it seems, I think of plenty of things that I should blog about and then it just never happens. 

Maybe when we move and we have that awkward transition time of not having any friends, I'll have more time to blog.  I'm one of those creepy people though, that LOVES a new friend immediately.  I kind of  hope that the Mary Katherine Gallagher in me doesn't come out:  "Do you have a best friend??  Do you want to be my best friend??"  Let's all take a moment and pray for my personality to simmer.down. a little.

And for me to remember to write on my blog more than once a month.