Pumpkin Pancakes!

I made pumpkin pancakes for breakfast yesterday and they were a big hit with my family! I found a recipe here but added some brown sugar to the mix for good measure! (I had to) :) Here was my final product. Enjoy!

Pumpkin Pancakes
(makes 8-10 pancakes)
2 cups flour
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 Tbsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/4 tsp ginger

1 1/2 cups milk
1/2 cup canned pumpkin
1 egg
1 1/2 Tbsp vegetable oil

Mix all dry ingredients in large mixing bowl and set aside. Mix all wet ingredients in small bowl. Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients and stir until combined. Batter will be thick.

I would cook these pancakes at a slightly lower temperature than you might use with plain pancakes (I did medium-low) because they are very fluffly and nobody wants a brown pancake that's not cooked in the middle, right?

Delicious when lathered with butter and drenched in maple syrup!

Let me know if you try them!


To post or not to post...

So...here's the deal: I have gone back and forth about a hundred times as to whether or not I should post this on my blog. I have been reading it and editing it, and saving it and coming back to it...I guess we'll see what I really think when I get to the end of writing and have to decide whether or not to click "publish post". :)

All of this is probably going to come out in one big jumbled mess. So, take it or leave it. If you feel like it's TMI, feel free to sit this one out. I promise I won't be offended. I am (I think!) going to post this and any subsequent posts in order to keep people in the loop about our third pregnancy. And, more than that, we would love to ask for your prayers.

As most of you know, our ultrasound showed that we have another healthy baby boy on the way! Praise God!

It also showed that I have a Placenta Previa.

I would link to something that tells you more about what that means, except that I don't like reading about medical issues online. Too scary. :)

Here's the gist of the situation: As of right now, the placenta is completely covering the cervix, so unless my uterus grows in such a way that the placenta moves, baby can't get out that way. The doctors say that it's not likely the placenta will move at this point in the pregnancy.

We say God can do anything.

So, we are hopeful (not hoping) - I am learning there is a difference. We are hopeful because God is good all the time. We are hopeful that God will move the placenta and that we will be able to have a natural delivery.

If God chooses not to change our circumstances, (and in that case, we will not be hopeless, because God is unchanging...remember, He's good all the time?) that will mean that baby will be delivered via C-section. It also means that I may have to be on bed rest towards the end of the pregnancy. Regardless of what God does or allows, we trust that it is all in His plan.

In the mean time, I am supposed to be taking it easy. I am not allowed to lift my children, or do anything strenuous. I am still trying to figure out what that means considering I live with Roman and Judah. :)

I would be lying if I said I'm not scared. I would love to say that I am totally at peace and willing to go wherever God will lead us...but fear is, for me, the biggest way that Satan tries to get me to doubt God. Just the thought or mention of a possible complication makes me my mind reel in images, scenarios, and worst-case thoughts. Throw in words like "placental abruption", "hemorrhage", or "dangerous for mom and baby" and...well...I have to stop and remind myself to breathe normally again.

How likely are any of those complications? I don't know. And I'm not really interested in finding out. Because, honestly, it doesn't matter. God will have his way in this no matter what the statistics show. And that's what we want anyway.

This has been a difficult thing for me to write about and talk with people about - not because I don't feel comfortable sharing, but because I'm afraid that people will think I'm being over dramatic or that I will come off as either naive or not trusting God enough. The reality is, in a few weeks, I might be saying "scratch that...none of this is even an issue anymore!" I would love to honor God by showing that he is faithful to us in that way. But if he chooses to be faithful to us in another way, in a way that people don't necessarily understand to be "answered prayer", I want to honor Him then, too.

Does any of this even make any sense? In one sentence I say how much I trust God, and in the next, I say how scared I am? Is that even possible? Am a total hypocrite? Is it both or neither?

I just know that I honestly feel both.

So there ya have it.

We have another ultrasound and doctor's appointment on Monday, and again 4 weeks after that, so I'll update again as I know more. We are anxious to see how God will move in our lives and in the life of this sweet little guy. Please pray that He will be glorified in our family, no matter the situation.

"pray for me...that I won't spoil God's beautiful work." - Mother Theresa


Small Steps to Big Stupid

You should probably read this post over at Stuff Christians Like. So good.


Baby Clothes

So, I have been looking for a coming home outfit for our new little bundle of joy.

I haven't found anything that I really wanted yet, although there are lots of cute options.

And many ridiculous options.

Let me put it this way: if you pay $50 for a coming-home-from-the-hospital outfit, you are an idiot. What I meant to say is, you may want to rethink that decision. Your baby will probably wear that outfit for all of 5 minutes and quite possibly destroy it with some kind of bodily fluid.

I'm all about getting something cute and special, but let's be realistic.


1000 Gifts (16)

301. The overwhelming generosity and love that the Body of Christ has poured on our family.
302. This post. Just scroll down to the blue box entitled "What a Mother Must Sacrifice". Absolutely beautiful.

303. Pandora.

304. Naptime. Just being honest.

305. Super fantastic conversation with a good friend visiting from out of state. love you.

306. Getting to share the laughter and the tears.

307. Isaiah 9

308. Christmas parties.

309. Get to see our baby again on Monday.

310. The sweet librarians we get to see at story time.

311. The right words at the right time.

312. A thoughtful husband who puts the needs and wants of our family before his own.

313. Being reunited with our family in just a few short weeks! I am only afraid of the emotions that may come blubbering out of me. I know they say your hormones are supposed to even out at some point during pregnancy...I feel like that has not been the case for me this time. Good luck to anyone who has to hang out with me in the next 3 months.

314. That Roman is learning to say how he feels. This morning when he woke up at 6:00, I told him he needed to go back and lay in his room for a little longer. He responded "I am very angry!" I laughed, but it's exciting that he'll have words for that instead of crying.

315. That Joe has started giving the boys foot rubs before bed. They love it and it's calming.

316. A blanket and a book when it's cold outside

317. Decaf chai. They have it at Dutch Oven Bakery in Boone now, which makes my life so much more complete.

318. Baptism class tonight. In all honesty, I'm not that excited about it considering we have been through the class before, but I'm excited that we'll have a sweet baby to baptise in just a few months!

319. Red-headed boys in the morning.

320. Classic Christmas movies. Roman loves Frosty the Snowman and Rudloph.


Only read this if you have nothing better to do.

..because it probably won't be life changing. :)
In true Ruth Ann style...I give you: a completely random list.

1. when I look at Roman and Judah's baby pictures, it makes me SO excited to hold our third little BOY! (Who really needs a NAME!)

2. corn chowder + a honeycrisp apple = best fall lunch EVER.

3. one of my favorite things Judah says right now is "gokay".

4. I had to put Judah in his first time out today. For climbing on the table after being told not to. I told him to go sit in thinking time and he went right over and sat down. I didn't know if he really would know what to do...but apparently he does. He kept getting up out of his spot...so I told him to sit down and he did. He started to get up again so I went to sit next to him...he looked at me and said "sorry". First time he has ever said that so it was actually kind of funny.

5. Roman is excited about halloween but he doesn't get it. Whenever I ask him what he wants his costume to be, he says "red".

6. Sometimes I catch myself saying absolutely ridiculous things. The other day I actually said this sentence: "That stays in your pants unless you need to go potty". Nice.

7. Joe really likes the name Elijah. I like that name a lot, but I feel like it's too common. Joe hates every name that I come up with.

8. the baby moves a lot now, which is the best part of pregnancy, in my opinon! :)

9. maternity jeans are stupid. No me gusta.

10. We took the boys to the pumpkin patch yesterday which was really fun. We also took our sidekick, Uncle Tony, so that I didn't have to worry about chasing or carrying one or both boys. He is the best uncle ever.

11. I asked Roman what his favorite thing about the pumpkin patch was. He said "Well, probably feeding the goats some food". And by "some food" he means, "my parents didn't actually buy me any food to feed the goats, so I picked up single kernals of corn that the other kids dropped and fed it to the goats." In our defense, he doesn't usually like to feed animals so we didn't think to buy any food. I know, we're classy.

12. God is teaching me a lot about marriage. Especially by opening my eyes to how good my husband is to me. In times that are more of a struggle, Joe always steps up and takes on whatever he needs to for our family. He is such a good dad, has such a servant's heart, and I'm so thankful for the way he gives of himself unconditionally.

well, I think that's all for now! The boys are both napping, which means I probably should be too. Have a great week!