Pumpkin Patch

Last weekend, Ryan, Kathleen, Joe, Roman, and I went to the Center Grove Orchard in Cambridge. I was amazed at how many things they had to offer families! What a fun outing with good friends. :)

Also, to give you a little Roman update, these are his latest words and phrases - which you really have to hear in person to get the full effect. He is so funny!
  • That's amazing!
  • Rock-a-baby (for "rock-a-by-baby")
  • Sit down
  • Shut the door
  • c'mere (come here)
  • want some milk
  • ok! (this is often a very dramatic word, ie. OOOOOOOOKKKKKKKKKKK!)
  • read
  • his current default color is "white". This could be referring to Kim's hair color or a frog.
  • too many others to name!
I hope this finds you all enjoying the beautiful fall weather! We are loving it!
God bless you!

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