A Silas Video

Finally! Becuase it's long overdue.

Also, because who doesn't need to hear a baby laugh on a Monday?

Silas is 5 months old now. I know. Where does the time go? I'm pretty sure I say something along these lines every time I write on this blog, but seriously.

Silas is rolling both directions, and scooting all over on his back. He can turn in 360 degree circles on his tummy. Most of the time he's trying to reach his Sophie. He thinks his big brothers are hilarious. He especially loves it when Roman talks to him or sings to him. He also likes watching Judah jump off of the couch, but he is still a little afraid of him. And rightfully so. Judah comes thundering over and sits right by his head and yells his name. I would be disturbed.

Silas can get his knees underneath of him, and he can push his chest/tummy off the ground, but not both at the same time. And that's good. Because I'm not ready for that.

He has been slobbering all over everything, so I am anticipating teeth in our near future. He also likes to blow bubbles of saliva (yum) and he likes to razz.

He prefers to stand when you're holding him on your lap...you can tell he wants to get moving. He coos at you when you talk to him but we haven't had much babbling yet. Just razzing. And, like I said, lots of drool. But he watches my mouth very closely when I speak.

He continues to be a pretty laid back baby, although he has been a little grumpy the last few days (probably teeth).

He still doesn't have much hair but I maintain that it looks red. Joe still says blonde, but it's red.

I love that when I hold him and someone else talks to him, he smiles and then buries his head in my neck/shoulder, and then looks back and smiles at them again. He makes me melt.

I am currently obsessed with his chubby baby legs. I actually despise putting pants over them. My favorite sound is this sweet nursing baby.

You might say I am head over heels for this boy.

The Big Boys (and the big differences).

Roman - 4 years

Judah - 2 years

I don't know if I've mentioned how very, very different my two big boys are. If you've met them, you know.

Roman is a ham. He always has been. He wants to be in every picture but he can hardly stay in the shot long enough for me to get one because he immediately wants to look at the picture of himself. He is very intelligent. He has a crazy good memory and very accurate fine motor skills. He was a pretty high maintanence baby, but he was talking before he turned one and could put together his United States puzzle by the time he turned two. He could even tell you some of the state names. He is a people person. He introduces himself to everyone he meets and wants to keep tabs on what everyone is doing. He will remember details about someone that he met at the mall months ago and bring it up randomly during lunch. Sure, it's borderline creepy, but I love it. It will make him a great friend and husband. Or priest. Who knows. Whatever God has planned for this boy....it's something big.

Oh my Judah. My sweet, sweet, crazy Judah. I had no idea that he would be so crazy. He was such a laid back baby...cuddly and smiley for everyone. He has these beautiful big blue eyes, crazy teeth, and more charm than should be legal for a two year old. I am going to have to keep him far, far away from girls for a loooong time. :) As soon as Judah started walking, he started climbing. He has no other agenda in life than: eat, run away from mom and dad, climb something, and jump off of it. Oh, and asking for more food about 10 minutes later. So, you could say that fine motor skills are not his strong suit. Doing a puzzle with Judah is one of my favorite things because it is just hilarious. He sees right away where a piece should go, but he just can't make it fit. So, what's a boy to do? Scream, throw the piece, and move on to climbing the nearest object. I assume that the NFL will be recruiting him within the next few years. The kid is a tank. Words cannot describe his adorable deep voice. It's so stinkin cute. I wish I could write about more Judah stories, but this blog will never do him justice because it's not what he says that's funny, it's just his nature.

Roman has always been so funny because he loves being the center of attention so he'll say or do anything for a laugh. Judah just is funny. He doesn't even have to try.

Anyway, when we were at the park this morning, I got to witness the perfect manifestation of their differences. It had rained a little bit when we first got there, so everything on the playgorund was wet. We don't really have plans for the rest of the day, so I wasn't worried about them getting their play clothes wet.

Naturally, Judah ran right to the top of the slide and slid on down. Every square inch of his backside was soaked. And he totally didn't even notice.

Roman ran around trying to catch butterflies with his net for a while and and, after awhile, decided he was ready to go down the slide too. Except that when he got to the top, he said "Mom, the slide is wet."

"I know, buddy", I answered, "but it's okay. We'll just change clothes when we get home, so you can go ahead and go down."

He looked back at the slide clearly weighing the pros and cons. I wasn't sure what he would do becuase he hasn't hesitated to play in mud puddles in the past.

He decided on squatting down and inching down the slide on his feet...all the while explaining that if he got wet he would get a rash.

Oh, my big boys. I'm so proud to be their mama.


Birthday Boys!

Do you feel like you haven't seen many pictures of my family lately? Because that's how I feel. So, I'm going to remedy that today. I will say, though, that I don't have many options to choose from because I have not been so good about taking pictures. Much the way I have not been good about blogging. But the other day I went to upload and saw that there were 150 pictures on my camera. I was just about to pat myself on the back and say "hey, Ruth Ann, you're not doing so bad. 150 ...that's better than you thought it would be..." Well, then I realized that about 97 of those pictures were not taken by me....and they all looked something like this:

our couch and our ceiling.

A foot and some blocks. These will be so helpful someday when the boys want to take a stroll down memory lane and relish in all the fun they had when they were small.

...and this one is my personal favorite: Roman's nose. The photographer himself. Please excuse the boogers.

So, I haven't been doing well on the blogging with only two posts in June, but June was a busy month...that will be my excuse.

June 2nd was Judah's 2nd birthday, I posted about that earlier, but here's a picture of my big two year old:
We got him blocks for his birthday. He's not so much into building, though. He's our demolition man.

...and the Elmo cake:

June 15th was Roman's 4th birthday. The big four year old:

we got him a barn and some farm animals. Big hit.

...and his minion cake (which was maybe the highlight of his life):

...and this is a cute four month old. Just because I can't get enough of him.

I am going to try to post some videos soon...but remember I only post twice a month now, apparently...so I might be playing it fast and loose with the word "soon". We'll see.