1000 Gifts (3)

41. Rocking my baby
42. Healthy kids!
43. Jeans and a sweatshirt
44. Seeing pregnant women - the hope of new life is so refreshing!
45. Target diapers - these are my most recent fantastic find! (thanks, Kim!) They work just as well as Pampers or Huggies and they are a good $5 cheaper per case. You're welcome.
46. trees letting go of leaves...dozens drift down, slow motion.
47. Scarves
48. Our Honeymoon. SO glad we spent the time and money to do something really great! I think about it often...and covet another. :)
49. Cornmeal pancakes. a reminder of my childhood.
50. Hot showers. And I do mean HOT.
51. Baking. I love that you can put ingredients together and in a matter of minutes have a completely new, warm, fresh creation.
52. My grandma. She is so enthusiastic and young at heart.
53. Home videos
54. Washing machines. Even with a washing machine in my house, I am usually behind. I can't imagine how women stayed on top of laundry when they had to do it all by hand.
55. A card from a friend.
56. Flowers. Any kind. Any occasion. No occasion is even better!
57. Wine
58. Eating out - with no kids.
59. Painting
60. Decorating

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