1000 Gifts (2)

21. hearing the boys laughing at Joe in the baby monitor
22. silence
23. breastfeeding - it never ceases to astound me that God desined mothers so that they could sustain their baby's life with their own body
24. the smell of freshly baked bread
25. pictures that hold so many memories
26. living close to family
27. my wedding ring - a beautiful reminder to love and to honor
28. hearing the Word of God on Roman's lips
29. our amazing house
30. the teens in our youth group
31. the promise that the word "divorce" will never even be spoken in our home
32. the sound of the plastic covers on library books
33. the smell of the pages in an old book
34. opening a new book (can you tell I like books??)
35. sunshine
36. evening - when the sun is slipping down in the west but there is still just enough light to see
37. the faint smell of leaves burning
38. natural childbirth
39. Theology of the Body

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