Updates on the Kiddos

I feel like we are long overdue on some good Roman stories...so, here ya go!

Conversation #1
Me: "Roman, it's time for breakfast. What shall I make for you?"
Roman: "Uuummmm....cookies."
Me: (laughing) "UUUUmmmmm....no. We are not going to make cookies right now".
Roman: "I will make you a muffin." (meaning he wanted me to make him one. We still don't quite have those pronouns down!)
Me: "I was thinking toast or oatmeal..."

Conversation #2
When I went in to get Roman after his nap the other day, I opened the door and he said
"I have a surprise for you! Grandma's coming to see us!"
(again, he always says what he wants me to say to him - even funnier in real life because he uses the same intonation that I would have if I were actually telling him there was a surprise).

Conversation #3
Roman has a book about colors that he likes to read to me because it's simple and he can. The pages say sentences like this: "Red. This apple is red". Each color uses a piece of fruit as the example, but this is how he read it to me the other day:
"Red is apple."
"Bananas are yeyow." (yellow)
"Blueberries are yummy."

**Also, Roman is in this somewhat destructive stage...although Tony assures me it's not a stage. He says it's what boys do. According to Tony "I like to break stuff." When I asked him why he said "To see if I can. To see what happens."


Anyway, almost every day when I go into Roman's room after his nap, he has taken all the sheets off of his bed, all the clothes out of his dresser, and has all his books all over the floor. The other day he had even ripped a tag off of his mattress and torn it to shreds.

SERIOUSLY. Any ideas on how to take the destruction down a notch???

  • Has a tooth! His first tooth came in this week - it's on the bottom
  • rolls back to front (not front to back)
  • laughs hysterically at Roman doing pretty much anything
  • is such a cuddle bug!
  • thinks Old MacDonald is the funniest song ever
  • spends a lot of time jumping like crazy in his exersaucer. He really enjoys being able to sit up in it without being held.
  • loves his song ("Lion of Judah") and grins ear to ear when you sing it to him- yes, each of the boys have their "own" song - Roman's song is "Romans 16:19"
  • is huge. He weighed 17 lb 10 oz at his four month appointment!
  • has been a little grumpy, and a lot of drooly, due to teething
  • usually goes to bed around 8 or 9, and then usually wakes around 1:00 and 6:00
  • continues to be a very smiley, happy guy most of the time

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  1. Those boys are something else! Thanks for all the updates. :) I'm not sure what to do about Roman destroying his room at nap time. I know for the dresser drawers, we always had childproof lock things on those... I'm sure Joe remembers them. If anyone could get through a childproof lock, Joe could. :)