1000 Gifts (4)

61. the sound of gravel crunching underneath my shoes
62. a little hand on my shoulder...waiting for attention
63. chai lattes
64. the glow and warmth of a fireplace
65. Roman dancing with no abandon
66. babywearing. LOVE my moby wrap!
67. cozy cuddle under the sheets after a long day
68. answered prayer
69. boys writing new songs in the basement
70. pausing for prayer - time stands still as we speak with the Lord
71. foot massages
72. Carter James. cutest nephew ever! I need to post more pictures of that little buddy soon!
73. trampoline...oh how I miss it!
74. the Pirate (Roman) and the Elephant (Judah) I had for Halloween. :)
75. a cuddly, rolly poly baby boy (17lb 10 oz at his 4 month appointment!!!)
76. the way Roman LOVES Murphy (his stuffed dog)
77. my education
78. people who love my kids
79. Clorox Anywhere. It's one of my essential household items. Can hardly go a day without it.
80. storms

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