Weekend 'o fun!

Joe and I had an amazing weekend in Kansas City! I will be putting pictures up soon so you can see the cool hotel we stayed at (it was a restored Hotel, so it had a lot of really neat features). We had an awesome couple's massage, went to the Plaza, ate at California Pizza Kitchen...MMMM!! (probably one of my new favorite restaurants!), visited the restaurant where Joe proposed (aww!), and relaxed by the pool. It was so relaxing and awesome to have uninterrupted one-on-one time.

Also, I have to update you... turns out Action Accents is the place to go to buy a swimsuit. This is the one that I bought. It is amazing. :) Let me tell you about my "AA" experience. HA HA. I walked into the store, Joe and Roman in toe (and really excited to be there, of course), feeling a little anxious. You see, when I go to a store to try on swimwear, I tend to get a knot in the pit of my stomach. Why you ask? Because it is such an overwhelming task. It is not even so much that I am unhappy with my body as it is I am stressed out about finding something that actually covers my body without making me look like an old woman. There are always many colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from and yet, somehow, it is always difficult to find something.

The woman that greeted me was very friendly, approaching with a smile and a "What can I do to help?" I just laid it all out on the line. "I'm looking for a one-piece suit that has good chest support and sucks the tummy in. I want it to be modest but I don't want to look like an old lady. It's very difficult to find a swimsuit when you go from pre-baby to post-baby". She totally understood and went right to work on finding me some options. She gave me about 10 suits to try on...none of which I was a huge fan of and all of which were more than $100. Oh no. This was not looking good. I was panicking...what if I can't find something? This is going to be like every other time...which wouldn't even be that huge of a deal, but we were going on vacation! While she was answering a phone, I convinced Joe that he should ask her if she had anything a little less expensive. She did. She brought back another 6 swimsuits, 3 of which I really liked, but I ended up going with the lovely brown number. :)

Success! The saleswoman made me feel really comfortable, and complimented the good things about my body, but she wasn't going to lie to me about the ones that didn't look good. All in all, it was a fantastic experience.


  1. SO GLAD you had a great weekend! I love you and hope to see you soon!

  2. so cute! we need to go swimming!

  3. What a great story!! Glad it had a happy ending! I haven't shopped for a swim suit in a store for years... I just go to Speedo.com... although I'm definitely liking the brown number that won the toss... :D