Fun With Water!

We got Roman a baby pool for his first birthday! He was excited about playing outside, but not so excited about actually playing in the pool. Maybe it was too cold...he liked splashing the water from the edge, but wasn't a big fan of sitting in the pool...even when Mom or Dad sat in the pool with him (quite the sight!)

He did, however, love being chased around (by Joe of course) and sprayed with glacier water from the hose. I was freezing when some of it accidentally splashed onto me...Roman was also pretty shocked at the temperature, but for whatever reason, put up with the icy blast because it was just too much fun to pass up. Here's a video:

He then decided to take matters into his own hands...literally. (My apologies for how annoying my voice is in the video)! :)


  1. Uminuminum your voice is NOT annoying in the video. I think it adds to it. And Roman is such a little renegade!!!!

  2. These are awesome videos!! Thanks for posting them!!