One Year Ago...

This is Roman and me one year ago. Crazy how time flies, huh? As his first birthday rapidly approaches, I can't help but reflect on the anticipation that I was feeling at this time last year. I was loving being pregnant until the last couple of weeks when suddenly I was really ready to be done. I was nervous about labor but excited about seeing our little boy!

So many of our friends are having/have had babies lately! It's so neat to see them journey through pregnancy and remember each stage of Roman's life. Anyway, my baby is more of a little boy than a baby now! ::tear:: But, I really enjoy every stage, and it will fun to see him grow and change over the next year.

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  1. Time really does fly!! I remember a year ago too... I came home for Roman's birth and Bernie and Gale's wedding. That was as I was ending my youth ministry job too... lots of good memories.