Spring has sprung...

New babies, Roman's first trip to the zoo, bridal showers, and more spring fun are upon us! We have had so many fun events in the last couple of weeks, so here is a link to my facebook photo album because I thought it would be easier than posting a million pictures directly on this page. :) There are a whole bunch of cute pictures of Roman and Joe and me at the zoo, Kim's bridal shower, and Sarah's new baby, Clare! YAY!


In other fun news, I have the best husband ever! :) I mean, you probably already knew I felt that way, but this weekend Joe is taking me to Kansas City (it's my belated Mother's Day gift!) So fun huh? We are staying at a resort and spa and we will go to the plaza (where we got engaged), and just have a fun weekend together! Joe's sister Mary has moved back to Iowa so she is going to watch Roman for us. I am so excited! I have to find a swimsuit first, though...that I am not so excited about. To me, swimsuits are the worst item of clothing to have to shop for. But, on a positive note, Chrissy told me that she got a really good one at Action Accents in Des Moines...might have to try that.

Roman is finally not hating grass, so it has been a blast to watch him run around outside. He loves to chase bubbles and kick his bouncy ball around the yard. We just had the living room baracading system perfected...not sure you can baracade a yard without a fence, though, so we have to do a lot of chasing.

I hope you're all enjoying spring as much as we are!!

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  1. i forgot that you got engaged there! so much fun! I hope it's (and know it will be) an awesome trip!