Commerical Corruption

So, last night Joe and I were watching a little bit of TV before we went to bed. We have our favorite shows, but other than that, we don't watch it very often at all. Occasionally, however, when we need to wind down a bit, we catch a little bit of Jon and Kate plus 8 on TLC, or some reruns of other favorite shows. :)

We were sitting our couch and enjoying watching the innocence (and chaos) of what it would be like to have 8 children...then comes the commercial break. Now, there are always some commercials that I really enjoy. For example, I always get a good laugh at the Sonic commercials. However, (warning...I feel it deserves an R rating) this commercial for AMP energy drinks made me stare at the TV in stunned silence. I could not believe the casual talk about one night stands that was being aired for all the world to see. It was appalling to say the least. As the commercial ended, I sat, mouth wide open still in disbelief. Joe turned to me and said "I can't believe that just happened".

Seriously...something needs to be done about the disgusting programming that I'm sure many families and children are seeing on a daily basis.

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