My life in Summary (for the past week or so)!

Hello friends! I feel like I have not really written for quite some time! Life has been busy but good. Let me update you on a few of the happenings in the Pometto household over the past couple of weeks:

1. We celebrated Roman's first birthday on June 15! He is getting to be such a big guy...walking and talking like crazy...and thoroughly enjoying his first cake eating experiences! :) Kim made him the amazing little cake (which he has already pretty much demolished) in these pictures.

2. Unfortunately, bad news for #2. :( My poor sister-in-law, Chelsey, (who happens to be almost 8 months pregnant) fell down her stairs last weekend. My brother wasn't home, so not only did Chelsey break her foot in 3 places, but she had to crawl back up her stairs in order to get to her phone and call 911. She is my hero. She has been such a trooper...learning to hop along using a walker because she can't put any weight on her left foot for the next 6 weeks - and crutches are hardly conducive to help balance a woman who is 8 months pregnant! The good news is that she somehow managed to fall in such a way that their baby, Carter, is doing just fine...and her injuries could have been a lot worse, too. Get well soon, Chelsey! (Here is Carter, our little nephew, who we cannot wait to meet!)

3. Back to happy news! We celebrated Kim's bachelorette party last Saturday! We stayed at the Suites of 800 Locust and ate dinner at Centro. Despite the fact that we had to rearrange plans several times due to flooding, we had a blast! SO excited for Kim and Andrew's wedding this Friday!!!

4. Vow of Silence (the band that Joe plays in) had their first show for a really long time on Friday night in Ames! It was so much fun. They played at Bali Satay - where they will be playing a couple more shows over the next couple of months. Also, it was a super exciting show becuase Joe's brother Tony had his debut performance with the band as their bassist. He did a fantastic job and the boys are really excited about playing as a four piece. Joe's sister Mary took some amazing pictures:

Check out the VOS myspace page at: www.myspace.com/vowofsilencemusic
So proud of those boys! I love them so much!!!

5. We have been enjoying summer with Roman. We got him a baby pool for his birthday, but the other day when we went outside to play in it, he enjoyed Joe chasing him around with the hose much more! :) I will post pictures and videos of him soon!

In conclusion, I will try to keep posting about all of the excitement of our lives! I know I'm leaving things out right now, but hopefully I will catch up one of these days. May God bless you all!!

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