1000 Gifts (5)

81. Mass

82. That I get to stay home with my kids. I could never thank my husband enough. I love every minute and I'm so thankful that he works so hard and has always made it a priority.

83. friends that are so incredibly generous with their time and resources.

84. a mom who will drop everything to come help me with a sick child. Love you!

85. parents-in-law that have always treated me like their own daughter

86. those times when you swear that you can audibly hear the voice of the Lord speaking directly to you.

87. that I don't have to have all the answers

88. Veterans...whether they sacrificed a few years of their time or their very life

89. the refreshed feeling I get after talking with a good friend

90. mommy kisses that make everything all better

91. warm gingerbread

92. our church family

93. wide open spaces

94. the ocean...the smell of salt, the sound of crashing waves, the feel of the sand in your toes

95. words. the perfect combination paints such a vivid picture and evokes such an emotional reaction

96. that Roman and Judah love each other so much

97. Dayton Oaks Camp. The beginning of the greatest Love of my life.

98. movies that so vividly portray the battle between good and evil

99. friends who aren't afraid to go "into the trenches" with you. the people who are willing to walk alongside you in the darkness and help you get back to the light.

100. strong men of faith who are willing to fight for Truth.

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