1000 Gifts (6)

101. That my brother is HOME safely and that he found a great job!

102. tucking little boys in bed - tonight I laid Judah down in Roman's bed with him while we sang and they LOVED it! They laughed so hard and rubbed each others' heads. Cutest ever. I am so thankful that they love each other so much.

103. twigs snapping underfoot

104. leaves crinkling and blowing

105. going on a walk with the boys with no coat on in NOVEMBER!

106. Christmas in South Carolina (can't wait!)

107. soft, sweet smelling, kissable baby head

108. when Joe has a day off and wants to spend it at the zoo with his family

109. sweet neighbors that mow our lawn

110. Mom's apple dumplings :)

111. learning something new and astounding during God time (do some research on Mount Moriah!)

112. surprises

113. cooking for people

114. all the placrs I have traveled

115. sweatpants

116. well-loved Bibles with worn covers and wrinkled, marked-up pages

117. Christmas music

118. women who are scared and alone, yet still make the difficult choice to keep their baby or to seek adoptive parents

119. priests, nuns, monks: obedient to a radical vocation; a life lived in total abandon to the Lord

120. pomegranates


  1. oooooooooo apple dumplings!! jealous...so jealous...

  2. Look at you! Just racking up the blessings -- My heart SINGS with joy, praise, thanksgiving with you!

    Keep giving Him all the praise and glory, beautiful Ruth Ann!

    All's grace,