Another Random List

1. It only took me two hours to get Roman to nap in his "big boy" bed today.

2. He is now sleeping peacefully...and talking in his sleep.

3. I am speaking at a high school lock in this weekend. My topic is "Freedom in Christ". I am super excited! I could probably talk about that for approximately 7 hours, but that probably wouldn't be very motivating to 16 year olds...or anyone. Please pray for my words to be those of the Lord and for them to touch the hearts of the teens attending.

4. Joe is cleaning out the garage right now! One more thing to check off the list...notice how I am not doing anything on my list right now. Nice.

5. We made this delicious pasta last night for Bible study. I highly recommend it. Super easy, too!

6. Roman and I built a fort yesterday because it has still been too wet to play outside. We had a blast...Elmo and Curious George even joined us for some fun story time.

7. If you haven't read this post on the Stuff Christians Like blog, you NEED to. I almost missed out. Thanks for the heads up, Monica!

8. My sister-in-law, Theresa, is getting confirmed on May 14th! She asked me several months ago if I would be her sponsor. I was SO honored and I am super excited for her. Unfortunately, that is 3 weeks before my due date and therefore, I am not allowed to fly to South Carolina! :( I am really sad, but please join me in praying for her as she continues to grow in her relationship with Christ!

9. Only 5 weeks until Judah!

10. I can't think of anything else exciting...not that the other nine had you on the edge of your seat. ;)

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