Adventures in the Life of the Pometto Family

Words cannot begin to describe the last two days in our home. Or my emotional state for the last 2 days (or 8 months) But, of course, I'll give it a whirl. :)

To make the irony even greater, let me start by telling you that on Monday evening I was talking to Lindsay on the phone and telling her about my compulsive nesting habits. I told her that we are getting everything in the house super organized in anticipation of Judah's arrival (and by "we" I a mean, I have a list, and I do my best to conquer one item per day. I also force Joe and Tony to check off as many things as they can everyday.) I also add about 5 things to the list everyday, which is rather counter-productive, I know, but I can't help it!!

Anyway, I was also telling her that "Roman is going to stay in his crib until after Judah is born". I mean, "he can't get out yet" and "there will be plenty of time for him to transition later because Judah will be in our room for the first few months".

Famous last words.

No sooner than 6:45 am on Tuesday morning, did I hear a loud thud emerge from Roman's room. Joe and I were both awake and knew that Roman was too - remember, he likes to talk to himself a lot. :) I have been slightly paranoid about him figuring out how to escape his crib for quite a while, but I thought to myself, "Ruth Ann, you are probably over reacting. I bet he just kicked the side of the crib".

Then I heard his closet door open.

I turned my head to Joe with wide eyes, "Did he just...? Oh my gosh. Is he...??"

Joe runs into Romans room and announces "He's definitely out".


He didn't hurt himself, and he wasn't destroying anything so I guess part of me should be happy.

To make the day a bit more eventful, later in the morning Roman and I were playing in his toy room when he decided he was bored and was going to head to the living room to see what exciting endeavors might await him there. Of course everything in our house is "baby proof".

I finished picking up the blocks that we were building (apparently very dull) towers with, and then headed after him. I could hear his voice but it sounded like it was coming from kind of far away. Now, Roman really likes to get into the trash closet and find the broom. He'll pull it out and say "I'm gonna sweep up". He has also successfully closed himself in the laundry closet in the past. So, I start looking over there. He's not in either closet, so I head back out to the living room. Keep in mind, he has only been without supervision for about 27 seconds.

That's when I realized that the sliding glass door, which was LOCKED, is now wide open...and Roman is outside...standing on the cement slab...with his sippy cup...

I stand at the door dumbfounded for a moment.

He looks up at me. "I see trees and skies".


Needless to say, I have been on the verge of tears for the last 48 hours because I can't even keep my child in the house, much less in his crib.


  1. I don't know which is funnier--your escape artist or the way in which you tell stories about him! Thanks for the laugh :) (I mean, I know it's not funny to you at this point but you certainly brightened my day!)

  2. As the mother of 2 sons, I ay have to fid a way to grant you a Papal blessing....although my "Roman" was my 2nd born......hugs

  3. And the stress seems to have affected my spelling ...actually I had a piece of pizza in one hand and tried to type with the other ;0

  4. I love your Roman stories! They remind me of the stories I would hear about Joe when he was little :o)
    Good luck with the whole keeping Roman contained thing. I think Bella was this age when we put up a fence after she managed to get into the street in under 30 seconds. How are kids so fast?

  5. Oh my goodness!! That's so crazy!! And what an awesome catchphrase: "I see trees and skies." You just know he's thinking, "I came, I saw, I conquered!" Or at least, that's what he's planning!!

    And Sarah's right... Roman's stories do sound a lot like stories from Joe's childhood... like father like son! :)