Profound...but Still a Two Year Old :)

Yesterday as I sat on the couch and watched Roman playing with some of his toys, he started in on a very interesting little converstaion with himself.


more playing

"Holy gospel"

he continued picking small toys out of his basket and rolling them around in his hands. you could tell he was rolling the words around in his head trying to figure out how he had heard them all used together.

"church. gospel of the church"

deep in thought

"the holy gospel of the church"

I sat there and smiled to myself. I was so filled with joy, recalling al the times I have prayed that the gospel would always be in his mind, on his lips, and in his heart.

What a blessing this boy is. And he GETS it. He's not even 2, but he KNOWS. I sat and prayed for the millionth time that he would grow to be a Godly man, someone who desires nothing more than to know, love, and serve the one true God. I want him to be passionate about his faith.

"gospel of church...and eat donuts."

and that's when I burst out laughing! He really does get it. I trust that he IS growing into a Godly man - I see it in him more and more each day.

But, come on, Mom, let's keep in mind that he's still a toddler boy. :) He is amazing.

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  1. He is definitely amazing! and so incredibly cute too!!