Naptime and Forgiveness Go Hand in Hand

So, as I mentioned in the last couple of posts, Roman is doing pretty well sleeping in his bed. Although, it is still taking several tries to actually get to him to lay down and sleep. This is not a surprise to me (or to any of you, I imagine). :)

Today as I heard him creep out into the hallway for the 5th time, I was getting a little impatient. I found him peering around the door jam from his room, and as soon as he saw me, he ran back to his bed.

We have just been doing our best to be calm and consistent. We tell him gently the first time that it's time to rest and help him back into bed, and then continue with more seriousness, and finally no verbal (since what he desires is the social interaction) - just putting him back in bed.

So, I followed him into his room and sternly told him (for the 5th time) "Roman, it is time to rest. Get into your bed."

He jumped up and layed his head down on his pillow and said "I forgive you. Fanks. (Thanks)".

I had to leave the room so I wouldn't start laughing. It was too cute. :)

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