Fun with Roman and Carter

I was just going back through some OLD posts that I started and never finished when I came across this one with some adorable pictures and video.

I believe this video was taken sometime last spring, which would have made Carter probably around 8 months old? Pretty close to Judah's current age! Funny!

As I recall, Roman and Carter "made up" this game all on their own and were quite entertained for about a half hour! It was very entertaining for me, too! :)

I loved that bear crawl!!

Since these pictures were taken, Jim, Chelsey, and Carter have moved to Virginia. Jim got a job at the Pentagon. He's such a VIP. :) I miss them all so much, but especially my little buddy, Carter. I was blessed to be able to spend so much time with him for the first year and half of his life. I was so thankful that Jim and Chelsey asked me to watch him overnight a few times because we got to have SO much quality time and fun together!
And, seriously, how much does he look like Judah??
Love you, Carter!

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