This one's for Lindsay...

That's right buddy, you requested more "classic Roman moments" and you're gonna get some...

I talked to Lindsay on the phone last night about posting more funny things about Roman...I don't know how, but he must have overheard because he has been putting on quite the performance in the last 24 hours. Yes, this all literally happened from then until now. Yikes.

1. Roman and I are playing blocks last night...he picks up a stack and says "four, free, two, one..." I am waiting for him to finish...looks at me and says in a sort of annoyed tone, "...say bwast off".

2. Roman is drinking milk out of his sippy while we are playing (it is about lunch time and he is getting tired, so at this point I understand that it is difficult for the child to control his emotions). He starts getting a little panicked about milk. This is how it went down:

Roman: "MILK!"

Me: (standing up to walk to the kitchen) "Do you need some more milk?"

Roman: "MORE MILK!!"

Me: (reaching into the fridge for the jug) "Roman, if you would like more milk, you need to ask nicely...say "milk please".

Roman: (in a literal break down - now there are tears and everything - he desperately yells) "IT'S ALL GONE!!!"

I did finally get him calmed down enough to say "milk please" through the sobs. Wow.

3. (This is my personal favorite) So, this morning Joe was downstairs studying for his investments test...pray, friends! It's a SIX HOUR test...he takes it next Friday! Anyway, when Roman knows that Joe is in the house, it's pretty much like torture if they are not playing. So, after a couple of hours of studying (and Roman pleading) we go downstairs to "find Daddy". He talks to Joe for a little bit - bangs on his drums a few times, and Joe offers to put in a Veggie Tales so he can at least sit with Daddy for a bit. Perfect time for me to check my e-mail, right? Let's just remember, folks, that Roman is 19 months old...and he definitely thinks (and acts like) a two year old. He must NEVER be left alone. So, I go into the computer room, and a few minutes later, I walk back out to see Joe studying and Roman missing...Veggie Tales still blaring.

Me: "Uh, Joe...where's Roman?"
Joe: "I don't know - I thought he went in to find you"


I walk into the bathroom to find Roman brushing his teeth...with Tony's toothbrush...in the toilet water.

Needless to say, after what seemed like hours of trying to sanitize Roman, we made a trip to the store this morning to buy Tony a new toothbrush.

Big day at the Pometto house. :)

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