Sick Boys...

Not fun. Roman started with the flu on Saturday morning...while we were driving to Ames. Took a long time to clean that up...then two more times in his crib on Saturday and Sunday. Yesterday he seemed to being doing better - just not quite himself. Today, though, it seems he took a turn for the worse. He hasn't gotten sick again, but his schedule is usually as follows:
Wake-up: 7-7:30
Nap: noonish...usually 1 to 2 hours long
Bed time: between 7 and 8

He is usually going going going like crazy all day long...

Today went something like this:
Wake-up: 8:30
Nap: 11-11:45 and again from 1-4:30
Bed time: Said "I'm tired" at 6:30. I put him to bed at 7

He has been really dragging all day. Poor guy!

To make matters worse, Joe got sick last night. He doesn't get sick all that often, but when he does, he gets REALLY sick. So, I've been nurse for the day. Any tips, Kim and Kathleen?? :)

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  1. :( so sad! fluids and lots of hand washing to start...