Nutrition at the Pometto House

Just a heads up - this is not the most riveting post I have ever written...it is rather lenghty and super random...but it's my life.

Roman has the reputation of being sort of a picky eater...which is strange, because I am about the LEAST picky eater ever. Joe isn't really picky either, so I guess Roman is the weirdo. :) Anyway, these are his favorite foods right now - it's not that we don't feed him other things...these are just his faves. (I know - so nutritious. I'm definitely not supermom in this category...but wait until the end of the post!!)
  • chicken nuggets
  • cheese
  • macaroni and cheese
  • pizza
  • chips or pretzels
  • raisins
  • anything sweet

Sidenote: I came home from leading my high school girls' Bible study the other night and Roman came running over to me, holding his sippy and said "POP!" Hubs got a death glare for that one. :)

Joe: "it's just a little bit of caffeine free orange pop..."

Seriously...he keeps talking about pop now. Pretty sure all the other moms were judging me when Roman asked for pop at the library last week.

Okay, now that that embarrassing list is over with...let me tell you about what he usually eats on a daily basis:

Breakfast: milk, fruit (he does LOVE fruit so we have that going for us) - usually bananas, cantaloupe, watermelon, apples, grapes, or pears. And his new favorite is clementines. ("cwementimes") and dry cereal, toast or oatmeal. Pretty balanced breakfast...not bad.

Snacks: sometimes he has needs snacks and sometimes he doesn't - usually at least a glass of juice - and if he is hungry maybe some goldfish crackers or raisins.

Lunch/Dinner: sort of depends on what he had for other meals...try to get all the food groups in there...here are a few options:

  • I make him try some of whatever we are eating...but obviously when the boys in my house love jambalaya - I don't think it's fair to expect Roman to eat something so spicy. Although, he does love to yell "Jambawaya!"
  • Meat: usually chicken nuggets or ground beef if it's in spaghetti or lasagna. (but, here is the good news!! This week I got him to try turkey lunch meat!! This is huge, people. I was beginning to think he was a vegetarian. I warmed it up and that seemed to do the trick. Who knew? Today at lunch he actually said "I wub turkeys"! I was so proud. :)
  • Carbs: wheat crackers, pasta (usually macaroni, spaghetti, or lasagna), grilled cheese
  • Dairy: milk and a cheese stick - this is a STAPLE in Roman's diet. He asks for cheese at least 5 times every day.
  • Veggies: I am proud to say that Roman now eats green beans, peas, and carrots! Also, he is getting to like cucumber - he still only eats a few bites, but he does eat it. Okay, so we have a ways to go in this category, but it is improvement.
  • Fruit: usually more fruit either of lunch or dinner
  • Dessert: try to give him something not terrible for you - like graham crackers - usually he ends up wanting "bite" of whatever we are eating - he is a big fan of chocolate...don't know how he could have acquired that taste! :)

So, all in all, we are getting there...but if anyone has any suggestions or amazing kids' recipes, pass them my way!!

A few things aside from nutrition:

Roman's new favorite game is singing into a microphone. Our house is chock full of them, so they are pretty easy to come by. The child was born for the stage.

Roman bumped his head the other night - so we got out an icepack. Right. It's really a pointless thing to do since he can't even sit down for 5 seconds. The poor boy is destined to be black and blue for life. :) Anyway, we accidentally left it out overnight, so Roman and I were playing in the living room the next morning and he went over and picked up the now-room-temperature-pack. He looks at me, holds it up and says "broken". so so cute.

Roman loves coloring...so today we were doing just that, and I told Roman we should draw a tree.
Me: "How about a CHRISTMAS tree!?" I start drawing

Roman: messing with the crayons and watching me carefully

Me: "What color is the Christmas tree?"

Roman: "gween"

Me: "good job! What goes on top of the Christmas tree? Do you remember?"

Roman: "Hmmm...Star."

What a smart kid!

Roman loves the library. This week, one book we got is about being an astronaut...so his new words of the week - that you might hear him saying randomly while doing a puzzle are: "astwonaut", "cwew" (crew),"o-bit" (orbit), "sat-a-wite" (satellite), "Gwa-bi-dee" (gravity), "out-a space", "space miss-on"

I think that's all for now. :)

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  1. No particular recipe to share unfortunately, but I'm a fan of this webiste http://www.recipezaar.com/
    which allows you to search by recipe, ingredients, diet type, preparation & then save your recipes to a cookbook.

    Maybe with some searching you can find some healthy, kid-friendly recipes using it.

    ~Lisa C.