Some Classic Roman Moments

1. I need to preface this story with a couple of things:
  • if you didn't know, my brother-in-law, Tony is living with us while he finishes this semester at DMACC. Roman LOVES him (as do we) and he is really fun to have around.
  • One of Roman's favorite books is called Don't Eat the Teacher. It's about a shark, named Sammy, that has the "unfortunate habit" of biting things when he gets excited. It's all about his first day at school - and how he constantly having to be reminded not to eat things.

Anyway, Roman and I were in the kitchen getting breakfast as Tony was leaving for class the other day. Tony is making himself breakfast, getting his things together, and talking with Roman a bit. Tony tells me that he is about ready to leave and so I say, "Roman, say 'bye-bye' to Uncle Tony. He is going to school. I bet he is very very excited...just like Sammy". Without missing a beat, Roman looks at Tony and (in the same sing-song voice he uses in the book) says, "Don't eat teacher!" So funny! :)

2. I go in to get Roman after he wakes up from his nap and he is sitting against the back of his crib holding 2 blankets right next to his face.

Me: "There's my boy! Did you have a good rest?"

Roman: "I wub blankets" (I love blankets). SO precious.

3. On Thursday (one of the saddest days in our country's history, the anniversary of Roe v Wade) we went to a Mass for Life celebrated by Bishop Pates of the Des Moines diocese. It was phenomenal! :) He is really a wonderful man of God. Anyway, it was (of course) standing room only, and so my friend, Monica, Roman, and I were in the back - so the procession of all the priests celebrating the mass walked right in front of us. As Bishop Pates is coming up the stairs, I say "Roman, look...here comes the Bishop".

Roman: "Hi, Bishop!!" Needless to say, it pretty much melted his heart and he stopped to talk to us for a moment. :)

There are always so many good Roman stories - and I know the more he talks, the more I will have. That's all for now. Love to you all.