Things You Hear When You Live With Boys...

1. Joe and Tony brought home Papa Murphy's pizza and cookies tonight...YUM. I was putting Roman to bed while they were "cooking". I came out to see the oven door wide open, and both of them bent over looking in at the cookies.

Joe: "Whoah, those spread out."
Tony: "Yeah, a lot."

The cookies, for the record, were really good - just a little bit square-shaped. Tony cut them apart with the pizza cutter. :)

2. At dinner, Joe was telling Tony about a couples' group that we are in at church, Love and Respect, which is fantastic by the way! Joe was telling him that he really related to what the speaker was saying when he talked about the fact that men would rather physically die for their family than have to say "I'm sorry". I was kind of laughing about how ridiculous that sounded to me.

Tony: seriously "No, but I would really rather fight a grizzly bear."
Joe and Me: laughing hysterically
Tony: smiles and thinks about it for a while..."I think I could outrun a grizzly."

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