What Roman Has Been Up To

Aside from the "toilet trouble" post, and what he has been teaching me, I haven't written much about Roman lately.

A few facts:

  • he has 9 teeth! (and is working on some more)

  • he now says "chewbacca" (thanks, Jon!), "I love you", "I miss you", "oopsy daisy", and a whole slew of other words and phrases!!

  • he prays before meals...which pretty much includes "Thank you, Jesus. Amen.", but it is the sweetest thing you ever did see!!

  • currently his favorite book is "Love You Forever". (I am happy about that because it's also one of my favorites...but, at the rate we have been reading it - about 5 times a day - not sure how long it will be on my fav list. :))

  • he is still obsessed with the "coo-coowave" - traslated, that means "microwave". :) Although, his passion seems to be dwindling....YES!

  • he loves the Vow of Silence CD. I mean LOVES it. He dances to it...hilarious.
I have so many more things to tell you, but you'll just have to come for a visit if you want to experience the rest! In the mean time...here are some photos and videos:

Daddy helping Roman do a sommersault.

mr. funny in the big boy chairtime for bed!cheese!!
lunch with Daddy and Adam....very interesting conversation. :)


  1. i am amazed by roman! he gets smarter and bigger every day! way to be rockstar parents!

  2. I love this video......i miss him so much!!!! i started laughing and crying at the same time!!! i think the people at the internet cafe thinks im wierd with my head phones on laughing and crying at the same time!!! oh well! tell roman i say ¨I love you¨!