Toilet Trouble

So, last night Joe and I decided that we should forget trying to figure out what to make for dinner and head over to Ames for some delicious seafood at Red Lobster...and delicious it was! I had the Maui Luau shrimp and salmon. It's sweet and spicy...a delectable treat! :) Joe, of course, got his usual Ultimate Feast, while Roman enjoyed the cheesy garlic biscuits and a bowl of mac and cheese. Very nutritious, I know!

Anyway, we are finishing the meal and Roman starts leaning on my arm because he is so tired. So, I leave Joe to pay the bill while I take Ro to the bathroom to change his diaper and put on his PJs so he can go to sleep in the car and we can just carry him right in to his crib. Seems like a great plan right?

We get into the bathroom and the changing table is in the handicapped stall, so I walk in, close the door and get Roman settled on the table. I hand Roman his blanket so I have a free hand to reach into the diaper bag and pull out a fresh diaper. He immediately throws the blanket over his head, off the changing table, and into the toilet. Crap. What now??? Okay, so only part of the blanket was in the toilet, but...EWW!! I drag the sopping wet-toilet water end out of the commode and drop it on the floor while I finish the diaper change and figure out how the heck I am going to handle this situation.

We finish. I roll the wet end of the blanket into the dry end so that I am not carrying a dripping pee blanket out of the restaurant. I throw it on the floor in the car, santize my whole arm that carreid the blanket, and it goes immediately into the wash when we get home. Big day.


  1. ewww!! My kids have dropped several things in the toilet. At Chrissy's 5th of July party Bella dropped her ring into the toilet. I couldn't just flush a huge ring down the toilet (even though I wanted to) so I reached in and fished it out! So gross! I thoroughly disinfected it (and my arm)but still..

  2. Wow!! That's pretty hilarious!! :)