In the Third Year

Dear Roman,
I can't believe you are three already! In the last year we have experienced so much life together and I don't think I will ever be able to tell you how thankful I am for each moment I have spent watching you grow up.

In the last year, you:
  • have been such a good big brother
  • have been the ring bearer in two weddings
  • took a lot of trips to the zoo and to the library
  • were a pirate for Halloween
  • made dozens of cookies with me
  • survived our first road trip to South Carolina
  • aquired a love for dance parties
  • have gotten really good at letter recognition and phonics
  • are starting to get over your fear of dogs
  • have gotten so much taller
  • have gotten so much funnier
  • have not budged on your picky eating habits!
  • have made lots of new friends
  • have gotten so good at conversation
  • have made me laugh every day
  • have brought me joy every day...even on the days when you sat in time out more often than not :)
  • have brought tears to my eyes...some in frustration, some because the moment was so bittersweet, some in pride, some in laughter...all in love.
  • have changed my life for the better
  • have changed a lot of lives for the better
  • have challenged my faith by saying some of the most profound things I have ever heard (even from adults).
  • have done a lot of other things, but mostly, you have become such a big boy.
...but, tonight...all I can think about is this:

We are so proud of you, Roman.

All my love always,

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