I haven't given an update recently so here goes:

  • is FINALLY having some success with potty training. Joe is the genius behind the potty training plan here...you'll have to ask him how he masterminded his brilliant system! :) It is working really well and we actually only had one accident yesterday and one today! YAY! Roman is very proud of himself and very much enjoys all of his prizes.
  • Roman is also going to hold Joe to his promise of buying him a puppy once he got potty trained. He talks about dogs more than ever. Actually, we have some neighbors that moved in across the street a few months ago and recently, when we were playing in the toy room, we saw them outside with their dog. Then a couple of days later, we were outside doing sidewalk chalk when they pulled into their driveway. We exchanged "hellos" and then Roman yelled across the street "You have a dog!" The woman kindly responded "Yes, we do. We also have a cat." Roman was very impressed with this, "You have a CAT??" They nodded and went inside...but Roman continued to yell "Are you going inside to see your dog and your cat?" Nice.
  • Today Roman told me he needed to go potty and so he got up and walked toward the bathroom. I was reading to Judah at the time and so I said "Do you need me to come help you, Roman?". This was his response: "I'm just gonna do it myself and you can read Love You Forever to Judah". Awwww.
  • climbs everything...including couches...which is terrifying since he really doesn't know how to get down.
  • is talking up a storm: bubble, go, more, please, all done, puppy, mommy, daddy, hi, bye bye, "go-nee" for Tony, yeah, baby...and probably some more I can't remember :)
  • loves books. His favorites are "Love You Forever" and any book that includes a picture of a baby or has different textures to feel.
  • will push his big truck over to the window so he can climb up and look out
  • loves playing in the pool with Roman
  • makes the funniest face every time he sees Tony
Anyway, they are keeping me very busy and they are always making me laugh. Love those little guys!


  1. Hey, friend
    I love reading your blog. I can't wait until I have updates like this to give! Also, I spent like an hour reading your birthing stories yesterday to try and psych myself up for the big day :)

  2. Ha, ha!! So awesome!! I love hearing how the boys are growing!! And Joe's seriously going to buy Roman a puppy, huh? That should be interesting!! :)

  3. RA...your blog is just so awesome; you inspire and entertain...make me think, pray, laugh, cry, appreciate and love more. Thank you for sharing special moments so poignantly. You are a special lady!! with a very blest family!!