A Few Funnies...

...courtesy of Roman, of course!

When Judah was done eating I said "Good job, Judah! You ate all of your food." Roman felt the need to add "You did it, Judah! I'm so proud of you!!"

"I love puzzles...and I love ABCs"

Adam was over and we were talking about whole names - ie Roman James Pometto. I asked Roman to say Adam Marshall Babbitt, so he said "Adam Marshmallow Babbitt" :)

Roman likes to describe things by their color...especially if he doesn't know another word for something he will just say the color. So the other day I wore a dress and I said "What is Mommy wearing" and he responded "a blue." He also asks for "cold milk" all the time...and since he drinks whole milk he will sometimes ask for "red milk" or "cold red"....OR if he wants his milk in a blue sippy cup he will ask for "blue milk". You really have to speak his language, I guess!

Roman likes to get into the refrigerator. The other day I was feeding Judah and he came out into the living room holding a container. He said "What's that?" I responded "that's mustard...and you need to put it back in the refrigerator". He looked at the cone shaped spout on top and said "That's very pointy".

He is really surprising us with the way he is carrying on conversations these days! The other day Joe was reading to him and He said "Where's Murphy and the blue blanket? I'll go find them. You stay here. I'll be right back".

More soon...

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