1000 (9)

You know what's funny?

The more often I make out a list, the more things come to mind...

161. sweet neighbors who brought dinner for our family in the blizzard last night! Thanks, Chris, Paulette, and Brad!

162. the opportunity to minister to high schoolers...and the opportunity to learn from them.

163. baby tylenol: for my poor, coughing babe!

164. Mr. Clean magic erasers...if you don't know what they are, you probably don't have small/crazy children. My walls are forever endebted to that bald cartoon man. Seriously, they get crayon off of anything. :)

165. Hatian children being adopted by loving parents

166. the opportunity to step out in faith...even though it may not be comfortable, I'm thankful for a God who longs to show us that he is sufficient.

167. our friend, Jeff. He is in seminary and will, quite possibly, be the best priest who ever existed. :) The archbishop has requested that he apply to major seminary in Rome!! So excited for you, Jeff! We have no doubt that you will lead many to Christ.

168. all those willing to defend LIFE

169. people who speak the truth in love. I am in awe of those who can respectfully say their opinion and remain respectful when someone disagrees, or even when someone rudely disagrees.

170. LOST. Ok...if you don't watch it you totally think this is lame. I don't care...can't help it. :)

171. That I haven't fallen on the ice yet this winter!! This is a really legitimate concern for me considering how many times I completely embarassed myself in college...every winter.

172. the ways that God was working in my life before I even realized he cared.

173. laughter

174. good conversation with my sister-in-law

175. new perspectives

176. covenant love

177. that my other half is home!

178. the fresh start, new mercy, renewed hope of each day

179. first words...it's so exciting to hear the brand new one you love speak...Judah is saying "hi", "bye bye", and I swear he said "hug" this morning. :)

180. first streams of light falling on mounds of snow

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