1000 Gifts (8)

141. electricity - it's so easy to forget the little things...
142. heat - ...until you have ice storms and other countries have earthquakes.
143. that my shirt is covered with play-doh, drool, flour, and stickers by the end of a day full of fun with my boys.
144. frosted trees
145. boots. I LOVE my boots. After a long search I went with brown emus like these. It's like I grew paws.
146. My snuggie.
147. That Roman is beginning to share more. Don't get me wrong...we still have a long way to go.
148. that Joe and I got to go to a movie last night! Thanks to Suzee and Phil for watching the boys!
And thanks to the makers of The Blind Side for making an incredible movie.
149. that my children have amazing, faithful, generous Godparents.
150. good conversation with Joe last night
151. icicles
152. the Magnificat
153. books that challenge me
154. www.goodreads.com - my new obsession
155. our Godson
156. little boys chasing each other through tunnels, laughing so hard they fall over
157. big families
158. when I get to make a nice dinner for my fam
159. asking Roman about his favorite things...because it changes everyday. My favorite was this conversation:
Me: Who is your favorite friend?
Roman: Mommy
160. that God knows me better than I know myself.


  1. Umm. Have to admit I haven't been doing to well with memorization this week, so 152 made me feel a little guilty. :) Love it though! I would really like to see 156.

  2. I am so impressed with your ability to see the joy in the everyday things. I'm always learning from you!

  3. Joyce,
    That means a lot coming from the woman whom I aspire to be one day. :) Love you!