Roman and Carter

I have been watching my nephew, Carter this week (in the frigid, arctic-like Iowa weather) while my brother and sister-in-law (Jim and Chelsey) are basking in the sunny paradise-like Cancun! Despite the heavy sarcasm of the first sentence, it has been such a blessing!!! He is such a good baby and so so happy. It makes me so excited that we are adding another precious boy to our family. :) We are really going to miss him when he goes home tomorrow!

After day 2, I was feeling pretty good about my organizaion/mothering skills. My house was still pretty clean, I got laundry folded and put away, the boys were playing well together, I got to spend one on one time with each of the boys while the other was napping, and I even made dinner. Then Roman got sick. :( Enter the "challenges" of raising two little ones (and this is only the practice round). The last few days Roman has had a cold, loose diapers, and horrible diaper rash - this means he is not sleeping through the night and he is not so happy about life. He is such a sweet kid - he isn't even super cranky until we have to change his diaper - which was approximately every 1/2 hour today. I felt so bad being the one who had to put him through the pain of changing him - it's a helpless feeling knowing there's really nothing you can do to make it go away. To those who have had really sick children or had to watch their kids suffer extreme pain (physical or emotional), you are my heroes. (And I'm sure this post is seeming pretty lame to you right now).

I am so tired and off to bed - that's right - it's 9:30. Pray that Roman feels better tomorrow!!

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  1. I hope he feels better soon! Sick kids and no sleep is no fun!!!