Full Tires

I probably should have explained the fun pink shirts that my Theology of the Body girls are wearing in the picture below.

Christopher West uses an analogy using tires to explain why people in our society sometimes live the way they do. He says it's as if we are all driving around in cars with flat tires, but we have never seen or driven cars with full tires, so we think our flat-tire lifestyle is completely normal...we don't know there is a better way to drive our cars. It is the same with our lives. People settle for less than the best because they don't know or understand that there's a better way. His point is that most of the time people don't desire to live their life with flat tires, but that they need us to share the gospel and they need us to show them what love is meant to be...to give them hope of living life to the fullest.

Christopher West often refers to the body and sexuality in terms of how it was "in the beginning". In Eden, Adam and Eve were naked without shame because before the fall there was no such thing as lust. It was so cool because the other night we were talking about the tire analogy again and one of the girls said "So, it's kind of like when God was breathing life into Adam and Eve he was inflating their tires". I thought that was really insightful. I'm so proud of them.

So, the girls in our small group really loved that analogy. The front of the shirt has a tire that says "Theology of the Body" - around the tire it says "I'm living my life with full tires" and on the back it says "This is the body....a witness to love - John Paul II"

I really love them a lot. The best part of the analogy, though, is that, as Christians, we can live in victory, with full tires, but when we get to heaven, we won't even need our tires. Heaven is more than re-inflating our tires, because we will be able to fly. :)

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