Fashion is my middle name....

Right. SO, today I woke up, got Roman some breakfast, gave him a bath, and got him ready in his cute little church outfit. Then Joe played with him while I picked out a cute little church outfit for myself, curled my hair, and did my make-up. We then got in the car and drove to Ames for church. I stepped out of the car when we got to church and realized that my feet felt a little uneven. Hmmm...

That is because I was wearing one black flip flop and one brown flip flop.



  1. I could see myself doing that! At least they were both flip flops :o)

  2. He can say Adam?? Wow... wonder who his favorite is!! I think you need to come out here again with Joe so we can get Aunt Angie up on the list of words... :)

  3. that reminds me of my mom's powdered sugar donut story...remind me to tell it to you tomorrow!