Pride Comes Before the Second Child

Oh, Judah.

God gave me Judah because he knew I needed a sweet, spontaneous, adorable, cuddly, funny, blue eyed boy. 

And also because he knew I needed a little help in the humility department.

Judah is unpredictable in a delightful and terrifying way. He has made me realize that I know nothing about parenting and that I don't pray nearly enough.  As I attempt to teach Judah to obey and to love God and to love others, I am the one doing the most learning.  We have had some growing pains together and I can only hope we will both be better for it. 

Along these lines, there have been a few happenings that have happened over the last few weeks that have left me a little baffled. 

I am baffled at the things that no longer bother me.  I can't say I don't care what anyone thinks (I wish!), but I can say, that I care SO MUCH LESS about what other people think than I ever have before.  This is not because of any virtue in me.  It's all because I don't so much have that option anymore  (unless I never want to leave my house again).

For example, a few weeks ago I took all three boys to Mass by myself.  Everyone was sitting so quietly and nicely and I was about to pat myself on the back for making some progress in taming the wild things.  I was sitting there soaking in the Holy Spirit and then I heard a little crinkling sound.  I turned my smiling head to look at my sweet little cherubs and then I saw it.  Judah had unwrapped a tampon and was dissecting it.  Don't worry.  We were sitting in front of another family...who happened to have a 
teenage boy.  I'm sure that didn't make him feel awkward at all.  I surprised myself when I felt bad for the boy but not for myself.  I just laughed, shook my head, took it away, and made a mental note to be sure he hears this story when he's scared of tampons someday.  (Right, Adam??!!)

Also, the other day in Target, Judah brought me the largest bra he could find and said loudly "You should buy this, Mom!"  Thanks.  Thanks for that.  But again, the ladies next to me were the ones that were mortified.  I just had a good laugh, asked him to put it back where he found it, and we moved on.

Oh, my Judah.  Never a dull moment.

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  1. I love everything about this post! Oh Judah boy!